What is a Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing?

The primary goal for Network & Infrastructure Penetration Testing is to identify vulnerabilities within a network. Prevent any malicious attacks that may occur in the future. Allow us to keep you and your company safe from external threats. Network-level vulnerabilities usually include weak passwords, outdated software & operating systems, misconfiguration, and poorly applied security policies.

Why get a Network & Infrastructure Penetration Test?

Your IT infrastructure is essential as we move into a digital age. More information is being stored and located on your network. Network-level vulnerabilities are one of the most exploited attack vectors for hackers to obtain, ransom, and sell your private information. If you have not had a Network & Infrastructure Penetration Test, you are a prime and likely target for an attacker.

What we provide?

If any vulnerabilities are present, the Zero Security Penetration Testing team will give you a comprehensive report on the findings. Before a malicious user exploits present vulnerabilities and gains access to your private data.