iPhones can now be hacked from a mile away

iPhone users have faced a lot in recent months, including new types of security threats, internationally exploited breaches, the CSAM fiasco (with a delayed walkback), and the never-ending App Store frauds scandal. Things have only gotten worse since then.

According to a terrifying new revelation from Vice, a new version of the deadly O.MG cable, which was formerly aimed against Mac users, has gone on sale, and it now has its eyes set on iPhones. It can hack you from a mile away…

The O.MG cable can man-in-the-middle data from a device, then allowing the attacker to receive information from the device from a mile away.
The cable can transmit information via WiFi allowing an attacker from a fair distance away to extract sensitive information.

“It looks like a Lightning cable, it works like a Lightning cable… But it is actually a malicious cable that can record everything I type, including passwords, and wirelessly send that data to a hacker who could be more than a mile away,” reports Vice. 

A security researcher known as MG designed and marketed O.MG cables, and what he has incorporated into the new wires is amazing. When the wires are attached, they instantly generate a WiFi hotspot for the hacker, an interface that can be accessed using a standard web browser and allows the hacker to begin capturing keystrokes. Geofencing is also included in the gen two cable, allowing hackers to send payloads to a device based on its physical position.

“It pairs well with the self-destruct feature if an O.MG Cable leaves the scope of your engagement and you do not want your payloads leaking or being accidentally run against random computers,” MG explained to Vice. “We tested this out in downtown Oakland and were able to trigger payloads at over 1 mile.”

The cords have also successfully hacked USB-C, according to MG:

“There were people who said that Type C cables were safe from this type of implant because there isn’t enough space. So, clearly, I had to prove that wrong,”

iPhones have become a major target as a result of the combination of USB-C and Lightning O.MG cords.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment on the new OMG cables, according to Vice. 

The new O.MG Cables are now available for $140 from Hak5, so think twice before borrowing someone else’s charging cord.

The product can be found here: https://shop.hak5.org/products/o-mg-cable-usb-a

Be sure to add this to your physical penetration arsenal! Have fun everyone, we hoped you enjoyed this read.

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