Defending your company
Our qualified, skilled, and passionate team will identify the threats to your business before anyone else does.
About us
Comprehensive reporting
Our extensive reports will allow you to locate, terminate, and fix the holes in your infrastructure. Not only protecting your private information but your company's credibility.
About us

We help defend your company against the latest threats

Businesses use lots of different frameworks and technologies. Zero Security Penetration Testing has been presented with the task of checking all fundamental areas necessary to protect your private information, security, and reputation.

Reasonable Pricing

We understand that the COVID-19 epidemic caused a disturbance in a lot of business revenues. We have made sure to consider this when applying our prices. We are a firm believer that no company should be left defenseless, no matter the cost.

Comprehensive Reports

You’ll receive a full report replete with remedial instructions via our secure platform. There will also be a complete debriefing call to go through the findings. Ensuring any unanswered questions or concerns can be discussed, resolved, and explained thoroughly.

Referral System

We recognize how important word of mouth is. So we have created a referral system, allowing you to receive discounted rates on future penetration tests, receive 5% off per referral for the next 24 months with a maximum of 3 referrals.

Training Modules

When purchasing a penetration test, we will include access to private video courses and material: directly tailored to train staff on proper security measures and protocols. Keeping your employee's on top of their game!

Charity Donations

With recent events, people have been struggling worldwide. We as a team have decided to donate a percentage of each pentest to COVID relief charities such as: doctorswithoutborders, The Red Cross, and Feeding America.

Penetration Certificate

Prove to your clients that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your company by receiving a Zero Security Penetration Testing certificate. You can use this to help build stability and trust with your clients.